Welcome to Beau Tea Time in Tokyo!

This is something I have been wanting to do -moving my blog from blogger to WordPress, just like I’ve moved my Japanese blog from Ameblo to WordPress.

I’d already had my blog ‘Beau Tea Time’ where I share my reviews on beauty products from all over the world in Japanese. I didn’t want to go through the hustle to rent a server, create my own domein and setup a new WordPress acount again, so decided to make a subdomein under Beau Tea Time.

It changed the name of my blog, from The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo to Beau Tea Time in Japan, which made me realised just now that my email address doesn’t make sense now, and I must reorder my business card which I must have more than 50 in hand. But oh well.

I still want to change the size of the text (it’s too small isn’t it?) and also create some more gap between the header and the latest post but just wanted to say hello and ask how you find my new blog! New posts are (hopefully) coming up soon…!

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